What's New With 4.0.0



  • ColdBox 7 support

  • New TimerDelegate that can be used to add timer functions to any model

  • Timer service rewritten to support nesting and included metadata

  • Ability to open views and layouts from the execution timers in any Code Editor

  • New WireBoxCollector which is only used if enabled. This greatly accelerates the performance of the request collector since before they where in the same collector.

  • Ability to open CFCs that are profiled by the WireBox Collector in any Code Editor.

  • Ability to open the Handler events that are profiled by the Request Collector in any Code Editor.

  • New life-cycle events: onDebuggerUnload, onDebuggerLoad

  • Ability for the custom timeIt() functions to accept metdata to store in the execution timer

  • New Slowest Queries panel for cborm, acf, and qb/quick

  • New visualizer total db time as well as request time including percentage of the request time

  • Ability to export a profiler in json

  • Ability to sort the visualizer's profilers


  • Timer service reconstructing the timer hashes and profilers twice.

  • timeIt() helper was not passing the closure correctly

  • If doing a fwreinit on the visualizer, the current profiler was still being show even thought it was empty. Add an empty check to avoid the big bang!

  • Empty response codes for Adobe, due to their incredibly weird Response object nesting.

  • Migration to java random id's for speed


  • Tracers are now streamlined and stored alongside the request profilers

  • Small UI fixes on request profiler HTTP methods

  • WireBox collecting is now done by the WireBox collector not the Request Collector.

  • Adobe 2016 Dropped

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